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Snowy plants

Four or five inches of snow on my raised beds earlier this week, but looks like the beans, peas, & garlic at least are trucking along under there. I got my tiny garden apprentice to help me take a look … Continue reading

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Garden planning 2013: back garden

My rough plan for the year! It would be better with a sketch, & I may try to add one (I have one in my notebook). Now I need to transfer it all to the calendar.

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Apples, and Growstuff

Our apple tree grew two whole apples this year*, and on Tuesday we ate one of them. It was, as that update mentions, very tasty. Tonight we will eat the second one. That update link goes to Growstuff, an awesome … Continue reading

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Peas and beans

I planted most of my broad beans last November/December, in two of the raised beds. One lot were planted in the polyculture winter veg bed, and the second lot in the bed next to it as a block on their … Continue reading

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Salad plantings

Also on my March planting list were green salad leaves. All of my preferred green salad leaves are cut-and-come-again types; from a permaculture perspective, that’s a more productive use of the soil as you can keep harvesting throughout the season … Continue reading

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From pallets to shed

I spent much of February slowly constructing a shed (more of a tool cupboard, really; our garden is very small) from deconstructed pallets. The first step was to measure up (my shed was 80cm x 60cm in footprint, and spade-height-plus-a-bit … Continue reading

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Making things

Recently, I have been making things: The second one took a bit longer, and is kind of still under construction. Actually the shed is also still under construction, lacking as it does a door; it has however had front battens … Continue reading

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Poly-veg winter bed: update

With the single currently-active raised bed in the back garden, I experimented with a winter polyculture, or mixed-veg bed. It’s now looking very healthy, with plants in various stages of growth: Some garlic poking its head up, all around the … Continue reading

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Self-fertile apple trees for small gardens

I’m keen to have a fruit tree in our garden, and my mind turned to what’s really the default UK fruit tree: the apple. The thing with apple trees, though (and in fact many fruit trees), is that if you … Continue reading

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DIY rooting hormone with willow bark

I had a couple of cuttings to take (it being that time of year), but wasn’t keen to get commercial rooting hormone to help them along. Someone at the EAT 2011 course in August told me that you can use … Continue reading

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