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  1. Hello,

    Did you write ‘City Life; our urban environs have become ecosystems all their own’ from the spring 2013 Earth Island Journal? Assuming it’s yours, I stumbled upon it right after watching a depressing story from two local journalists about an endangered beetle that would be impacted by a major industrial project. The journalists were questioning the value of saving this beetle as the industrial project would create jobs (hiring biologist to save the beetle would also create jobs – but that didn’t come up).

    I enjoyed your look at how nature is adapting to the environments we have created – and that new critters are being found in surprising places. It is nice to think that while we are taking habitat from nature, nature is taking it back from us.


  2. Hi! Yes, that was me — really glad that you enjoyed it! I liked the thought of nature’s persistence in finding niches, too 🙂

    Best wishes,

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