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Garden planning 2013: back garden

My rough plan for the year! It would be better with a sketch, & I may try to add one (I have one in my notebook). Now I need to transfer it all to the calendar.

Planting by bed

  • NW bed: carrot/beet/turnip (1), early peas (already in)
  • NE bed: beans (already in), early lettuce, courgettes (grow in as lettuce is harvested)
  • SE bed: broad beans (already in), late peas, carrot/beet/turnip (2)
  • SW bed: early peas (already in), chard & pak choi (already in), carrot/beet/turnip (3), chard & greens
  • Right along east fence: tomatoes (in pots or along back of beds)
  • Patio: herbs — to plan separately.
  • Far south: shallow boxes/pots, to plan separately.
  • Gaps: flowers (nasturtium, marigold), rocket.

Planting by month


  • Broccoli raab [catch crop wherever there’s space]
  • Climbing peas [W fence by rosemary]
  • Tomato [windowsill]
  • Chilli pepper [windowsill]
  • Spread compost!


  • Endive [NE]
  • Rocket [all over wherever space]
  • Chard [SW]
  • Tomato [windowsill]
  • Turnip [NW]


  • Lettuce (mixed & oakleaf) [NE]
  • Sorrel (perennial!) (late April) [W bed by rosemary]
  • Salsola [NE]
  • Rocket [catch crop, scatter]
  • Round snow peas (early April) [SE]
  • Courgettes [windowsill]
  • Tomato — plant out [along E fence]
  • Turnip [SW]


  • Lettuce (mixed & oakleaf) [NE]
  • Chard [SW]
  • Climbing pea [W fence]
  • Carrots [SE]
  • Courgettes — plant out (late May)
  • French bean [at the bottom of the garden?]

June & July:

  • Carrots [SE]


  • Lettuce (mixed & oakleaf)
  • Plan other winter veg!


  • Tomatoes. I would like to start them as early as possible, but then they outgrow the windowsill too early. This might be the year to have another think about some form of mini-greenhouse or other cold protection for them and the courgettes. I could then use it for the chilli pepper later in the season.
  • French beans growing up a tower at the bottom of the garden…. this is an idea with promise. Possibly alongside the baby currant bush I’d like to plant, to use the space this year while the bush is getting established.
  • Kale or brussels were on the ‘potential’ list. On the one hand, they’re a good winter crop. On the other hand, brassicas are a sod to grow and they take up lots of space all year and (especially with the brussels) don’t crop until December/January. I think probably not, this year, unless I see a space somewhere.

Things that still need to be considered:

  • Mini-greenhouse.
  • Herb patio replanning
  • Planting around the rosemary/fence
  • A bean tower at the south end (need to take paving slab up).
  • Planting for various shallow boxes.

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