short fiction

(Non-fiction essay) ‘Breaking Out Of Capitalist Realism’ in Uncanny Magazine (Sept 2022).

‘At The Lighthouse Out By The Othersea’ in Uncanny Magazine (July 2022).

‘Wanting Better’, in Brave New Worlds [paperback] [ebook] (Zombies Need Brains, 2022)

‘Opening Doors’ in Cossmass Infinities #7 (Jan 2022).

‘Grow Your Own Microgarden’ in Inclusive Future Magazine (Nov 2021).

‘Seed Bombs’, in Analog (July/August 2021).

‘Small Magics’, in Flash Fiction Online (Sept 2020).

‘Riding For Luck’, in Trans-Galactic Bike Ride (Sept 2020) (anthology was shortlisted for a Lambda Award in 2021).

‘Remaking The World’, in Decoded Pride #1 (June 2020). Subscription-only link; buy subscription or e-book at the website.

‘Dragon Years’, The Future Fire issue 2020.54 (2020).

‘Finding And Falling, In Various Ways’, GlitterShip Winter 2020 (also available via GlitterShip’s Patreon).

‘Growing Resistance’, Translunar Travelers Lounge issue 1 (2019).
Reprinted, including podcast, by Cast of Wonders (2020).

‘Somewhere Else, Nowhere Else’, Portals (US link) (Zombies Need Brains, 2019). Finalist for WSFA Small Press Award 2020.

‘Leaves’, Vulture Bones (2019).

‘I Thought Of You’, The Future Fire (2019).

‘Change Is The Only Constant’, The Gateway Review vol 4 issue 2 (2018).

‘Scraps’, Metaphorosis (2017).

‘Dropping In’, Frostfire Worlds Feb 2017 (2017).

‘Halfway Up and Halfway Down and Nowhere At All’, Luna Station Quarterly issue 025(2016).

‘A Grove Invisible’, The Perennial Miss Wildthyme (Obverse Press, 2015).

‘Weighty Questions’, Furthest Tales of the City (Obverse Press, 2015).

‘The Mountains Are Higher At Home’, Liberating Earth (Obverse Press, 2014).

‘Talking With Spores’, Iris Wildthyme of Mars (Obverse Press, 2014).

‘Blocking’, Strange Bedfellows (Bundoran Press, 2014).

‘Gonna Crack It All Open’, Twisted Boulevard (Elektrik Milk Bath Press, 2014).

‘Squatters’ Rights’, Burning with Optimism’s Flames (Obverse Press, 2013).

‘Lost Ships and Lost Lands’, OQ 2.1: Tales of the City (Obverse Press, 2012).

‘Skitterings in Corners’, issue 3, The Journal of Unlikely Entemology (May 2012).

‘Witches Have Cats’, Hellebore & Rue (Lethe Press, 2012).

‘Salt Water’, in Eclectic Flash: The Best of 2010 (2010).

‘Things Found on a Beach, at Slow Trains Literary Journal (2008).

Available on this website:

Falling After Icarus

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