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Marcia wants to make changes in Marek after the events of the summer, but now distant Teren is making a play for political power in the city. Meanwhile, Tait, a young Teren sorcerer on the run, sees Marek and its cityangel Beckett as a place of safety; which will be true only until Beckett discovers there's a demon chasing Tait. Are the demon and the machinations of the Teren Lieutenant connected? Are Marcia's political goals worth the risk of facing down a demon? And can Marcia's sorcerer brother Cato avoid getting involved?

"Shadow and Storm is an absolute delight to read, the literary equivalent of sinking into the embrace of a dear friend. Warm and cosy but never short on adventure and intrigue, Kemp's second entry into this series won't disappoint. The characters are real, full of depth, and richly drawn, and you'll wish you had even more time with them by book's end. A fantastic read!" — Rivers Solomon, Locus, Tiptree, and Lambda Award finalist

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Cover of Shadow and Storm; a statue overlooks a stormy sky, with two figures talking in the background.
Book cover for "The Deep And Shining Dark" by Juliet Kemp, Book 1 of the Marek Series. Cover shows sailing ships in a dock at sunset.

The Deep And Shining Dark (Elsewhen Press, 2018)

"A rich and memorable tale of political ambition, family and magic, set in an imagined city that feels as vibrant as the characters inhabiting it." — Aliette de Bodard, Nebula-award winning author of The Tea Master and the Detective

"A novel that’s one part high fantasy, one part political fantasy, and one part old-fashioned sword-and-sorcery – without the swords or the lack of realistic diversity to which old-fashioned sword-and-sorcery was often prone." — Liz Bourke, Locus

Juliet Kemp's The Deep And Shining Dark (Elsewhen) was one of the best debuts of the year, set in a chewy and thought-provoking secondary world that one hopes to see more of." — Graham Sleight, Locus Recommended Reading List 2018

"an entertaining and well written fantasy novel with subtle complexity, good worldbuilding and fluent characterisation" — Rising Shadow

A Glimmer Of Silver (The Book Smugglers, 2018)

“A Glimmer Of Silver, from @booksmugglers, is bloody brilliant. A really interesting, well told, fascinating piece of ecological fiction. Plus, one pronoun for all, and it's xe!” — D Franklin

"a warm and delightful SF YA novella - it reminds me in the best way of what it might be like if Robin McKinley wrote science fiction." — Stephanie Burgis

"A Glimmer of Silver reminds us that, sometimes, the most potent barriers exist not between species, but between ourselves. But in its insistence that these barriers are not insurmountable, it speaks to the possibilities—and the hopes—of translation and coexistence, at the meeting points of sentience." ‐ Gautum Bhatia, Strange Horizons

An androgynous person with brown skin and short dark hair sits on a dock, with the sea at their feet. They have silver marks on their skin. Behind them there are floating buildings in the distance.