At Dublin Worldcon

I will be in Dublin next week, at Worldcon!

Panels/etc I’ll be on (well, the stitch&bitch isn’t a panel, obviously):

  • Fri, 13:00-13:50: The power of representing ourselves in fanfiction
    When they don’t see themselves on the page or on the screen, fans often reimagine characters, or find space in the canon for representation that wasn’t originally there, by creating their own head-canons of gender, sexuality, race and (dis)ability. Our panel talks about the power of representing ourselves by rewriting beloved characters, and discusses some of their favourite head-canons.
  • Fri, 15:30-16:20: Craft is not a dirty word
    Often the word ‘craft’ is used with derision, referring to something that is considered completely separate and inferior to ‘art’. Are there clear distinctions between the two? Is one naturally inferior to the other? ‘NO!’ say our panellists. Come and hear their defense of craft and its place in the world of art and the world at large.
  • Sat, 10:30-11:20: Stitch ‘n’ bitch
    UFO (UnFinished Object) encounter, knit ‘n’ natter… No matter what you call it, this is the place to come and work on your handicraft project and maybe have a great conversation. Who knows, you might even find help if you’re stuck (not guaranteed). NOT a quiet room!
  • Sun 12:00-12:50: The importance of the fanfiction community (moderating)
    As we can see from the Archive of Our Own – managed and maintained by its creators and readers and supporters – fanfiction isn’t just about the written works, but also about the community surrounding them. What can the fanfiction community offer that other areas of fandom can’t?

I am looking forward to it, although somewhat daunted by the sheer number of THINGS that are happening (to the point that I haven’t actually looked at Grenadine properly yet). There’s still a week to go, plenty of time…

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