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Replanning the herb garden

I took advantage of a brief sunny period mid-week to go out and rearrange the herb patch.

Sadly I don’t have a very good before photo, but this one from this time last year is a reasonable representation:

Herbs in pots against a fence

This is what it looks like now:

Herbs in pots, in different configuration (see text)

Left to right: strawberry tower (transplanted the strawberries this morning); slab stack with empty pot (for basil), oregano, 2 lavender cuttings, empty pot, another lower empty pot, & a big pot of sage; bay tree at the back; another slab stack with parsley, chives, empty pot, and mint lower down; and a thyme trough at the front.

I moved the concrete slabs very slightly so they’re right back against the fence, and reorientated a couple of lower ones to provide an extra ledge for a plant pot, to make more use of the vertical space. I also repotted the oregano and bay into bigger pots, and the thyme into a shallow trough. I’ve since added a few more empty pots, for a total of 9.

My wanted herb list is:

  • Basil (lots)
  • Oregano (lots — will take a couple of root divisions now it’s in that larger pot, although this is not the ideal time for that)
  • Thyme (want another couple of plants)
  • Sage (will take cutting in the spring to fill up that big pot)
  • Chives
  • Winter savoury
  • Mint — will probably take cuttings for another pot to go at the other side of the patio, as well
  • Parsley (lots, which is fine as it has self-seeded EVERYWHERE)
  • Coriander
  • Dill
  • Strawberries (OK, not actually a herb)
  • Bay
  • Rosemary — over the other side of the garden, in the ground
  • Lavender — also planted on the other side, in the ground

With nine empty pots to fill, I make that: basil x 2, another oregano, possibly another parsley, dill x 1, winter savoury x 2 (it’s hard to buy), coriander x 1, and one spare pot in case something else takes my fancy. I’m tempted to try ginger, although it’s not cold-hardy. Any other culinary herbs you think I’m missing out on?

4 thoughts on “Replanning the herb garden”

  1. Fennel! I grew some in a (well-cleaned) paint bucket for a few years and it was my favourite thing in the garden. Smells gorgeous, insects love it, it’s dead tasty, and for a wonderfully sensory garden experience, you can run it’s lovely frothy leaves over your cheeks 😀

  2. I’ve got some strawberries from last years runners that I want to move to a big pot for the front garden (gets more sun) – I assumed it was too cold, am I wrong? Can I do this now while the weather is still dodgy?

  3. I applied the same logic as for other fruit and figured that winter-ish is a good time. If your runners/baby strawberries are looking healthy now I think it should be fine to do it now. You certainly want to do it before they really get going for the year, otherwise they’ll get knocked back while they recover from the move.

    (Doubting myself slightly, have just googled and confirmed that winter/early spring are good for transplanting.)

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