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New mini greenhouse

I’ve been planning to build a mini greenhouse by the back door. The original idea was to use various bits and pieces of scrap this and that to construct it from scratch, frame and all; but then my parents offered … Continue reading

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The Garden Project: 2013 successes

A quick round-up of this year’s garden successes, as the summer growing season comes to a close and I start thinking about autumn planting. Garlic! No photo, but I got between 12 and 15 garlic bulbs, all of which are … Continue reading

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Garden diary 18.08.2012

In an attempt to keep better track of what happens in the garden, a new weekly note-to-self. Planted: 1.5 rows of turnips in SE bed. 2 rows pak choi in SW bed. 1 row chard in NE bed. Handful of … Continue reading

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Garden update

Despite the erratic weather, things in the garden are moving on happily. A quick list (no photos this time, may try to add some tomorrow): Apples on the apple tree! Research suggests that as this is a 3-yr-old tree, I … Continue reading

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Protecting tomato seedlings

A quick photo to illustrate why it’s worth keeping tomato seedlings inside (or in a greenhouse) for that little bit longer, rather than just dumping them outside once they’ve grown their first couple of leaves and been transplanted. These are … Continue reading

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Planting tomatoes for this year

It’s spring, so I’ve been doing a lot of planting in the garden. For once I actually have a month by month list, entered into my diary on a weekly basis, as the only way I’ll get things done on … Continue reading

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