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The Garden Project: 2013 problems

Following up on this year’s successes, here are the problems that I’d like to fix for next year. Two of the raised beds had ongoing problems with seeds just not germinating, or germinating then being munched by snails. The bed … Continue reading

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Bean wigwam

Lousy weather notwithstanding, I am soldiering onwards with planting in the back garden. (And, indeed, some things are even growing.) This week, it was time to establish the new bean wigwam. First job was to prise up some more paving … Continue reading

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Snowy plants

Four or five inches of snow on my raised beds earlier this week, but looks like the beans, peas, & garlic at least are trucking along under there. I got my tiny garden apprentice to help me take a look … Continue reading

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Garden update

Despite the erratic weather, things in the garden are moving on happily. A quick list (no photos this time, may try to add some tomorrow): Apples on the apple tree! Research suggests that as this is a 3-yr-old tree, I … Continue reading

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Spring harvest!

This week: the first harvest of broad beans from the garden. Two generous and insanely tasty portions eaten with baked sweet potatoes and baked tofu. And a big bowl of fresh green leaves – the lettuces have really liked the … Continue reading

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Peas and beans

I planted most of my broad beans last November/December, in two of the raised beds. One lot were planted in the polyculture winter veg bed, and the second lot in the bed next to it as a block on their … Continue reading

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