Diploma Accreditation

1. Completion of PDC and member of Permaculture Association

I completed my PDC on the Earth Activist Training course at Landmatters in Devon, in September 2011. I have been a member of the Permaculture Association since 2013.

2. Applying permaculture for at least two years

I've completed projects and undertaken work between 2013 and 2015 in the following categories:

3. Demonstrating Design Skills

My entire portfolio demonstrates these skills, specifically:

4. Applying permaculture in your own life

These designs have improved my own personal sustainability and brought me closer to permaculture ethical living:

5. Developing your permaculture practice.

I've reflected on my practice and design skills throughout my designs, with a Reflection section at the end of each design. For example, see the Reflection sections of my Back Garden design and my Zone 00 designs, one at each end of my diploma journey.

There is an evaluation section on each of my designs, e.g. Solar Panels; Back Garden; Galleywall Nature Reserve Summer Events.

My Learning Pathway design particularly shows this reflective and learning process, and I have also written about my permaculture diploma journey.

See the 5.2 Accreditation Criteria (PDF file) for more details on these criteria.

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