short fiction

'A Grove Invisible', in The Perennial Miss Wildthyme (available as ebook or hardback), from Obverse Press.

'The Mountains Are Higher At Home', in Liberating Earth (available as ebook, hardback, and paperback), from Obverse Press.

'Halfway Up and Halfway Down and Nowhere At All' in issue 025 of Luna Station Quarterly.

'Weighty Questions', in Furthest Tales of the City (available in ebook and paperback form), from Obverse Press.

'Talking With Spores', in Iris Wildthyme of Mars (ebook form, hardback), from Obverse Press.

'Blocking', in Strange Bedfellows, from Bundoran Press.

'Gonna Crack It All Open', in Twisted Boulevard (UK link, or direct from publisher here), from Elektrik Milk Bath Press.

'Squatters' Rights', in Burning with Optimism's Flames from Obverse Press.

'Lost Ships and Lost Lands', in OQ 2.1: Tales of the City from Obverse Press.

'Skitterings in Corners', in issue 3 of the Journal of Unlikely Entemology.

‘Witches Have Cats’, in Hellebore & Rue.

‘Salt Water’, in Eclectic Flash: The Best of 2010.

'Things Found on a Beach, at Slow Trains Literary Journal.

Available on this website:

Falling After Icarus

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