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Recycling! Rubbish into toys

I wrote a post over at Natural Parents Network about recycling ‘rubbish’ into toddler toys. However much we try to reduce the amount of packaging that comes into your house and waste that goes out of it, it seems that … Continue reading

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Article in Juno

In non-garden-related news, I have an article on equal parenting in the current issue of natural parenting/family magazine JUNO. Which is a good read all round (the magazine, not specifically my article, though I am very pleased with that too). … Continue reading

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Garlic and snails

Busy times over here, with Leon starting to walk and lots of summer fun stuff happening. I’ve harvested my garlic, and for the first time ever got a really decent crop (14 bulbs) which look like they’ll be very usable. … Continue reading

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EC and permaculture guest posts

I wrote about Elimination Communication, peeing on the floor, and the advantages of not going nappy-free, over at Natural Parents Network last week, in The Nappy-Free Potty Pause. Then, at The Green Phone Booth, I wrote about tips for food … Continue reading

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Baby tipi, and another guest post

I really wanted to put a willow den in our back garden for Leon to play in. Unfortunately, that was scuppered by the realisation that there’s a sewage pipe running underground through the middle of the garden. You’re not supposed … Continue reading

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EC guest post

I’ve got another guest post up at

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Wrapping babies

Thirteen months in, we’re still managing Leon-wrangling without a pushchair, which definitely makes public transport more straightforward. This week I wrote aboutĀ getting started with woven wraps forĀ A Little Bit of All Of It‘s babywearing series.

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Gardening with a baby — NPN post

During the last stages of my pregnancy last year, the business of working out how to manage my vegetable garden alongside a brand-new baby was high on my to-do list. 2012 wasn’t my most productive season ever, but I did … Continue reading

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Gardening and parenting: a note to self

If I intervene with horrified shrieking when Leon plays with dirt and hoicks things up now, he is less likely to be positive about the garden later on, at an age when he can learn the difference between ‘weed’ and … Continue reading

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