Baby & trike: the next stage!

I’ve just realised that I have nearly no photos of L in the trike over the last 6 months; perhaps because we just use it as a transport option without thinking to take a photo.

However! As of this week, L-transporting in the trike has gone from this:

Red cargo trike box with rain cover, baby in car seat inside

to this:

Baby sitting up on box seat of a cargo bike, smiling at the camera and playing with a book

He seemed very happy to be making a more upright journey, and much less bothered by the bumps. (Which makes sense; sitting in a bumpy thing is more comfortable than lying down in a bumpy thing.) It is kind of terrifyingly old, though — a whole 7.5 months, no less. Scary.

1 thought on “Baby & trike: the next stage!”

  1. Aaahhh!!! He’s so happy! It’s incredible how quickly they grow up. I only have one photo of my eldest in his bike seat – you just don’t think about it at the time and then they’re suddenly too big and the moment has gone!

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