Independence days

I came across the Independence Days challenge over on Casaubon’s Book. I rather like the idea. So, how’ve I done in the last week?

1. Plant something. Beans and peas on the balcony. The ones I planted earlier in the month have come up now, as well.

2. Harvest something. Chard and volunteer leeks from the allotment; herbs from the balcony; I’ll be harvesting some salad leaves from the balcony later today. (I should focus on doing this more often – no point in growing the damn stuff if I don’t eat it.)

3. Preserve something. Green tomato chutney! From the green tomatoes on the balcony. Only a single jar this year, but it’s tasty stuff.

4. Prep something. Hm. I finished knitting my gloves; that might count. I built a bit more of the cold-frame for the allotment.

5. Cook something. Learnt how to make soda bread! Which is very tasty.

6. Manage your reserves. This I am seriously not good at; although we’ve been filling up the freezer with food again, which is good.

7. Work on local food systems. Not doing much on this either. Although I’m considering the guerilla gardening situation… But then, I already knew that the whole community issue is the thing I’m worst at.

Better than I’d feared, though.