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Corporate Watch on 10:10 as corporate greenwash

I’ve just read this report on 10:10 from Corporate Watch. They take a look at the usefulness of the project, and whether it is/is being used as corporate greenwash. The big issue that I have with 10:10 is its focus … Continue reading

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Independence days

I came across the Independence Days challenge over on Casaubon’s Book. I rather like the idea. So, how’ve I done in the last week? 1. Plant something. Beans and peas on the balcony. The ones I planted earlier in the … Continue reading

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Time and sustainability

I worked out the other day that the various things I’m committed to (paid work, activism, food-growing, writing, other bits & pieces) add up to approximately a 50-hour week (that’s excluding the 5 hours I work on Saturdays). Which… is … Continue reading

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Teas: thyme, dandelion root, and chickweed

The other week I harvested some dandelion roots and chickweed, to try out for their medicinal properties. I also tried thyme infusion. Here are the reports. Thyme infusion A couple of sprigs of fresh (or dried) thyme in a mug, … Continue reading

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The Carbon Supermarket

You can download Kate Evans’ latest cartoon, The Carbon Supermarket, from her website. It’s a fantastic explanation of why carbon trading just doesn’t work. After seeing this I went looking through her archives, as well. I particularly liked this one … Continue reading

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Community and sustainability

I wouldn’t entirely describe myself as anti-social; but I’m quite happy spending a fair amount of time on my own, and I can find it quite hard to go out and put myself in new social spaces. I was interested … Continue reading

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It’s the little things

Minor changes or things I have done to reduce my environmental footprint recently: Stopped using rubber gloves to do the washing up. Instead I made up some hand-cream (aqueous cream, a little almond oil, some aloe vera sap, and a … Continue reading

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Link roundup

Various links I’ve collected over the last couple of weeks: Geoff Mulgan talking about post-capitalism-crisis society (note that there’s an interactive transcript at the side for those, like me, who are allergic to video).  He focusses on ideas of social … Continue reading

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